• Can I charge my battery faster?

    Most ebikes come with a 2amp battery charger.  In order to see how long your battery will take for a full charge, simply divide the total amp hour rating by the amp rating of the charger.   Example:  48v 12ah battery, 12ah / 2 amps = 6 hours (approximately) So, what if we get a faster charger and...
  • Do you build custom ebike batteries?

    We do not build batteries at this time, but do have some great options on our website here: If you really want a custom battery for your electric bike or other EV project, we recommend reaching out to Hi-C Battery:
  • Is it possible to connect 2 batteries together?

    Yes, we have a special parallel connector that allows you to connect two different batteries together.  As long as they are the same voltage, the connector will allow the battery that's fully charged to be drawn from first until even, at which point they will draw evenly. Click here for a video...