What are the specs for the Cellular GPS Tracker?

Great for cars, motorcycles, bikes, people, and valuables

Standalone GPS tracking with unlimited range ( no need to have a smartphone nearby, works anywhere contrary to Bluetooth only trackers)

  • Journey history and alerts (geofencing, suspicious activities…)
  • Exceptional battery life, up to 4 months depending on usage
  • No monthly fees, no hidden fees: SIM card and 2-year subscription to 4G networks (LTE Cat-M1) included
  • Lightweight, small and discrete
  • Emergency button
  • Free iOS & Android app
  • Limited to the United States of America

Discreet and Lightweight

4.1 x 1 x 0.4 inches

Micro-USB Charging (Cable Included)

Long Battery Life

Lasts up to 4 months per charge

Works with IFTTT Alert Workflows

Enjoy enhanced capabilities with custom scenarios and triggers.

Example: If the anti-theft alarm has been triggered on your tracker, it can send you a text message right away Or if it leaves a zone you have set, it can call you to alert you.

No hidden fees

2-year subscription included**

**2-year included then $39.90 USD per year

24/7 Monitoring In The Dedicated App

Real Time Anti-Theft Alerts (reacts to suspicious activity, motion or tilting.

Custom Geofencing Alerts'

Set zones and know if the tracker enters or leaves them.

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Where will the GPS Tracker Work?

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