Low profile tires

The Low profile tires are unique to Bolton Ebikes and were one of the first products we ever made!  (Under the Velomobile Shop brand name, which you'll still find on the tire sidewall.)  You cannot find them anywhere else under any other brand.

What are they for?

They solved 2 problems early on.

1.  Street tires for fat tire bikes weren't very common.  There are more options these days, but "low profile" options are still limited.

2.  Many early fat tire ebikes were available only in one size, such as the Sondors and RadRover bikes.  (still is the case, unless you want to go with their smaller folding bikes)  By changing to a lower profile tire, you can significantly lower the ride height and standover height of the bike.


Fat bike rims come in various sizes.  80mm is a very common rim width, but up to 100mm and down to 60mm are also used on production bikes.  These tires are only recommended on 80mm or narrower rims.

  • 100mm is approximately 4" wide.  Many of the Bolton ebikes use 100mm wide rims for maximum size!  These tires are NOT recommended on 100mm/4" wide rims.
  • 80mm is just over 3" wide  (Standard size on RadRover and many Sondors ebikes)
  • 60mm is just under 2.5"
  • These tires will also fit on rims around 2", but will not have the low profile appearance.


Aug 15, 2020