Advanced Controller Troubleshooting

Advanced Troubleshooting

Still having issues with the Power controller or odd symptoms after basic troubleshooting? Here you can find some advanced troubleshooting procedures.

Testing the controller for a burnt/fried component.

This test will require a multimeter. Set your meter to resistance (Ω on the meter). Unplug the battery from the controller as well as the motor. Take one probe from the meter and hold it on one of the pins on the controller side of the battery connection and the other probe to each of the center 3 pins on the controller side of the motor plug. A good controller will read around 8K Ω (8,000 Ω) and above on each of the 3 pins. A faulty controller will read a short or no resistance and will need to be replaced.

Motor will not continuously run.

If you're having issues with the motor not working properly, such as the motor barely rotating and stopping, make sure the motor connection is tight. The connection can be a bit snug and take some force to fully plug in. If the connection is good: wiggle, squeeze, bend, rotate at the connection and see if the motor will work. If the connection is sensitive, check if the pins are bent or damaged.

Intermittent handlebar component issues.

If you are having intermittent issues with the throttle or display, inspect the main 10 pin harness that goes from the controller, through the frame and splits off to the handlebar components. Check for any broken or damaged wires. If there is damage to the harness, you will need to contact RadPower for a replacement.

Intermittent power loss.

If you're having intermittent power loss but the display stays on, check to see if the brake safety switch symbol (top center of display) is lit when you have power loss. If so, unplug each brake until you find the culprit. Once you've found the culprit, adjust the safety switch on the brake lever until the symbol turns off.

Any other odd symptoms.

If you're having any other odd or strange symptoms, unplug your PAS (pedal assist sensor ((yellow plug under the crankarms) and see if the rest of the bike works properly. If so, the PAS will need to be replaced.

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