Watt Wagons CrossTour (Supercharged Version) Specs


What Class is The CrossTour (Supercharged Version)?

Ships as Class 3, 28mph, throttle (End user upgradeable to 3500W)

How fast does it go?

It is fast. We ship with class 3 config for the Supercharged version. Users can use the programming cable to unlock up to 3500W, and pretty much incredible flat out speed. Please follow all your local laws while riding and always wear protective gear.

What do you mean by EV Charging? Is there no regular charger?

The Supercharged version will have a car style EV charger. You can charge at any SAE J1772 charge port. For home charging, we will provide you a cable that will fit your 15A outlet, and can be plugged in to the battery on the other end.

The base version will have the traditional 4A Ebike charger.

How much does The CrossTour weigh?

The bike weighs 75lbs with the 17ah battery, and 90 lbs with the 2kwh battery pack.

How tall is it?

Very, very close to The Super73 Height. It's not a tall bike - it has 20 inch wheels.

What is the range?

200 miles on Pedal Assist

100 miles on Throttle

What is the warranty?

1 Year

The Watt Wagons CrossTour (Supercharged Version) Specs

Weight with 2kwh battery 90 LBS

The Watt Wagons CrossTour (Supercharged Version) Components

Components Details
Motor Watts Ships with a 750W profile
Motor Details End user upgradeable to 3500W
Motor Model Bafang Ultra with Archon X1
Battery v/Ah 2 kWh(52V, 40Ah) Custom Pack
Battery Cells 21700 Samsung 50E Cells
Brakes Magura Quad Piston Brakes
Charger Electric Vehicle Charging Standard (110-240 VAC)
Charger Home EV Charger Included (6-8-10-12A)
Lights - Front 2000 Lumen Front Light
Lights - Rear 300 Lumen Rear Light
Tires On Road/Off Road E-Huntsman Tires

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