Other General Questions

  • Do you have a rear seat for passengers?

    Aside from certain cargo bike models, we do not offer a bike with a rear passenger seat.  We have not tested it, but there is a product however designed for this:  thebikeseat.com
  • Do you have a throttle compatible with my bike?

    Every ebike with a throttle could possible be swapped for another style, but they are rarely plug and play.  The connectors used are typically different from manufacturer to manufacturer.  Even if the connector is the same, they may have been wired differently.
  • Do you have a throttle for a Bosch or Shimano motor?

    No, we do not.  At the present time we are not aware of any throttle options for these types of motor setups.
  • What is the difference between Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3 Ebikes?

    Class 1 Class one is an electric bike that has to be peddled. Once you hit 20 miles an hour, the motor is not allowed to help you anymore. So effectively, Class 1 is limited to 20 miles per hour and you have to be pedaling, which means you can't have a throttle. You can have a throttle, but you ...
  • What's best - slime, tire liners, tubeless, or solid tires?

    Let's face it, no one likes to get flat tires!  Unfortunately it's part of riding bikes for the foreseeable future.  So what's the best way to prevent them altogether? 1.  Tubeless - Many people are fans of tubeless tires and for good reason.  A tubeless setup typically is less prone to certain t...
  • Where can I schedule a test ride?

    We would love to help you find your perfect ebike! Schedule your test ride by clicking HERE