What is the difference between Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3 Ebikes?

Class 1

Class one is an electric bike that has to be peddled. Once you hit 20 miles an hour, the motor is not allowed to help you anymore. So effectively, Class 1 is limited to 20 miles per hour and you have to be pedaling, which means you can't have a throttle. You can have a throttle, but you have to be moving your legs and pedaling. You could have a throttle or use it at that point, but when pedaling - it doesn't really do anything.

Class 2

  • Limited to 500 watts
  • Pedaling and Motor
  • Throttle

Class 3

  • Speed Limit: 28 mph
  • Limited to 750 watts
  • Pedaling and Motor
  • Throttle

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Dec 30, 2020