The Upgrade Kit Default Settings and Troubleshooting Tips

If you've just installed your "The Upgrade Kit" and something isn't quite right, don't worry!  We have some troubleshooting steps for you.

Here are our suggested base settings:

  • Suggested Settings:
  • P1 = 100 (46 for direct drive motors)
  • P2 = 5 (6 for upgraded 750W motor)
  • P3 = 1
  • P4 = 0
  • P5 = 15
  • C1 = 3
  • C2 =0
  • C3 =1
  • C4 = 0
  • C5 = 6
  • C6 =3
  • C7 = 1
  • C8 = 0
  • C9 = 0
  • C10 = N
  • C11 = 0
  • C12 = 4
  • C13 = 0
  • C14 = 1

Pedal assist is not working properly:

1.  If after adjusting the settings your pedal assist doesn't work properly, check the following cables to ensure they are fully plugged in and have no bent or damaged pins:

  • Pedal assist connector (yellow 3 pin coming from the sensor)
  • Motor Cable
  • Main wiring harness cable (the one typically tucked into the frame).  Ensure this cable does not have any bent pins.

2. If all the connections are good and no damage done to the pins or connectors, try changing the C1 setting to 2.

3. If it still does not function, please check to make sure the motor works with throttle to eliminate a different type of problem. If throttle works but the pedal assist does not, the next step would be a different pedal assist sensor, or the stock motor controller and display. This should narrow down where the problem is occurring.

“Motor position sensor fault” or “Motor or controller short circuit fault!”:

In nearly all cases of receiving this error, the motor cable is not fully seated. Please note that the arrows can sometimes be up to 1/8th turn off. The cable should be firmly seated with the lines around the circumference of each half of the plug nearly flush. Wiggle back and forth on both cables and push firmly together.

I have a 48v battery but it says 53v (or similar).

This is perfectly normal.  A 48v battery when fully charged will actually be about 54 volts.

My battery voltage is over 48v, but the gauge reads empty.

Take the bike for a ride! Depending on settings it may be waiting for calibration. A few seconds of riding should fix this. If the problem persists, check the main harness connection coming from the controller through the frame and up to the handlebars. Check for any bent pins. A single bent pin will cause issues.

My speed doesn't read correctly, it jumps up to 49mph when coasting (and/or reads 0)

Please verify your P2 setting. An incorrect setting here will cause the wrong speed to be displayed when coasting. Also make sure you have the correct wheel dimension (DIM). The dimension is the overall tire diameter, not just the rim size. P2 = 5 for stock motor. P2 = 6 for upgraded Bafang 750W motor.

I can't get my headlight to turn on/off. 

Use the UP arrow (as opposed to the middle button and up arrow on the stock display) to turn on/off lights.

The City and The Wagon (direct drive motor):

Note that some settings may need to be changed for proper operation. P1 is determined by the number of magnets or poles in the motor as well as the gear reduction. As The City and older Wagon have a direct drive motor, use the setting 46 for P1. P2 may also require a change for a correct speed reading.

Motor or system shuts down while riding:

Adjust your C5 setting to a lower current output. Settings 0-2 are different take off speeds followed by max power. 3 is the lowest current output and 10 is the highest. Take the bike for a spin and adjust the current output till you find a happy medium the controller and motor are happy with. For stock motors, we recommend 5 - 7 for C5.

"Surging" or jerky" while pedaling:

Make sure the magnetic plate on the inside of the chain ring rotates smoothly/eveningly and not wobbly.

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