Do Juintech Calipers require bleeding or maintenance?

The Juintech calipers significantly cut down on the adjustments required compared to traditional mechanical calipers.  Most mechanic disc brake calipers have 2 adjustements.  The inboard brake pad is stationary and can be adjusted towards or away from the disk with a 5mm allen/hex wrench.  The outboard pad is the one that moves when you pull the brake lever.  This means as pads wear, adjustment is required as eventually the pad will require twisting the rotor to make contact.

The hydraulic calipers by Juintech pull evenly from BOTH sides, preventing this uneven wear.  As pads wear down, simply tightening the steel cable from the handlebar adjustment or on the caliper adjustment will easily bring things into alignment.  It is substantially easier and quicker to keep your brakes in good operating condition.

This does not mean however they are without any maintenance.  2 things will be required -  eventually.

1.  Brake pads will wear and require changing.  This is very simple and easy to do, you don't even have to remove the caliper!  

2.  As they are hydraulic brakes, they will require bleeding.  We have found however that they last an extremely long time compared to traditional hydraulic brake setups.  By only having hydraulic fluid in the caliper, as opposed to the caliper, line up the handlebars, and reservoir in your brake lever assembly, there are less places for fluid to leak out, or air to sneak in.

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