Juintech Brake Pads

All Hydraulic brakes sold from Bolton Ebikes have brake pads pre-installed and ready to go.  However, if you wear them out and need a new set, we've got spares!  The Juintech brake pads work on both the Juintech M1 calipers and the DB1 anodized hydraulic brakes from Juintech.  

Installation is relatively simple and the same process on either type.  There is a bolt at one end of the caliper to be removed.  Unscrew the bolt and the pads slide right out the top of the caliper.  Insert the new pads and reinstall the bolt.  That's it!  Some adjustment of course may be necessary after installing new brake pads.

Brake Pads can be purchased here:  https://boltonebikes.com/collections/brakes/products/juintech-brake-pads

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