• Do Juintech Calipers require bleeding or maintenance?

    The Juintech calipers significantly cut down on the adjustments required compared to traditional mechanical calipers.  Most mechanic disc brake calipers have 2 adjustements.  The inboard brake pad is stationary and can be adjusted towards or away from the disk with a 5mm allen/hex wrench.  The ou...
  • Juintech Brake Pads

    All Hydraulic brakes sold from Bolton Ebikes have brake pads pre-installed and ready to go.  However, if you wear them out and need a new set, we've got spares!  The Juintech brake pads work on both the Juintech M1 calipers and the DB1 anodized hydraulic brakes from Juintech.   Installation is re...
  • What is the difference between the M1 and R1 JuinTech brakes?

    We only sell the M1 brakes.  The M1 is designed for ebikes and mountain bikes.  The Juintech R1 brakes are designed for lighter road bikes and are not recommended for the weight or speed of electric bicycles.
  • Will larger brake rotors help my bike stop faster?

    Yes, in general a larger brake rotor will help with stopping.  Note that you will need a new brake rotor adapter if changing your existing brakes to a larger diameter.
  • Will the Juintech Calipers fit my bike?

    Please note that we have not, and cannot test the brake calipers on every single ebike on the market.  However, there's good news!  Bicycle brakes are a relatively standardized part across the industry.  If you're using disc brakes now with a standard bolt pattern, then odds are very good they wi...
  • Will the Juintech calipers work with larger discs? (180mm, 203mm, etc)

    Yes, the Juintech calipers will work with any size of disc as long as you have the correct adapter.  If you are changing the discs to a larger size, you will need an appropriate style and size of adapter.
  • Will the Shimano Hydraulic brakes fit on the Wagon?

    The rear brake line is not long enough to fit on the Wagon as this brake kit was designed for the Rover bike.  For a simple and easy brake upgrade we recommend the Juintech Hydraulic calipers.   Wagon